A worm welcome to our new Editorial Board Pr. Barbara Sawicka


Pr. Barbara Sawicka

Full professor, professor doctor habilitated

Department of Plant Production Technology and Commodities Science,

Faculty of Agrobioengineering

University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland

Email: barbara.sawicka@up.lublin.pl

Brief biography

Occupation: academic teacher
Scholarship: Institute of Potato in Młochów, Institute of Potato in Jadwisin, (Poland); Onderzoek voor Voorlichtingscentrum Land- en Tuinbouw in Roeselare (Belgium); University of Agriculture Kaunas (Lithuania); Aleksandra's Stulginskis University (Lithuania); Bingol University (Turkey), Lithuanian Center for Agriculture and Forestry Sciences Kėdainiai (Lithuania).
Career: since 2004 − full professor at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin.
Areas of interest: Agronomy, Bioengineering, Commodity Products, Environmental Protection, Food Sciences, Food Safety.
Writings and creative works: over 1020 publications; including: 152 monographs and chapter of monographs, 390 original research papers, 27 books; 2 patents.
Teaching Activity: 11 PhD promoted; over 190 promoted the MSc; 250 promoted engineers.
Reviewing a: 62 PhD dissertations; 24 postdoctoral theses; 18 applications for the title of professor;
over 560 scientific papers.
Civil and social activities: Guardian Student Scientific Farmers; a member of the Faculty Committee on Teaching; Chair of the Senate Committee of the Disciplinary Committee; member of the Senate Committee on Budgets; member of the Senate Committee of Appeal for, President of the Programme Council of the Commodities Science; President of the Programme Council of the Agriculture in Russian; Member of the Commission for the Registration of Potato Varieties in Poland at the Central Research Center for Crop Varieties.
Membership of scientific organizations: a member of the Polish Agronomic Society; a member of the Lublin Scientific Society; member of the Meteorology and Climatology Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Lublin branch; Scientific secretary of National Department of Poland and academician of Branch Department of Food and Nutrition of International Marinsky Academy named after MD Shapoval.
Editorial Experience: Member of the Advisory Board in fife scientific journals, Deputy editor-in-chief in one scientific journal, Co-editor of one scientific journal; Honorary member of the Advisory Board of two scientific journal.
Knowledge of foreign languages: German, English, Russian